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Online via mail or e-mail or classically in the store via the shopping counter: the TH! NK? Ticket 2019 is available individually or in a practical 5 + 1 package. Of course, only while stocks last. And this year too, the ticket for all public transport in Zones 110 and 151 can be used free of charge. Well then... Grab yours!

Grab yours!

Ticket 2019

THINK Festival - EarlyBird 2019

Early Bird
29,90 € plus Booking fee

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THINK Festival - Regular 2019

39,90 € zzgl. plus Booking fee

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THINK Festival - 5+1 2019

Regular 5+1
199,50 € zzgl. plus Booking fee

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Booking offices-
Sales points

Chillhouse Berlin
Boxhagener Str. 86
10245 Berlin
Fon: 030.21238800
Opening hours

Chillhouse Chemnitz
Brückenstr. 8
09111 Chemnitz
Fon: 0371.3676822
Opening hours

Chillhouse Dresden Neustadt
Alaunstr. 56
01099 Dresden
Fon: 0351.8951077
Opening hours

Chillhouse Dresden Altstadt
Wilsdruffer Str. 13
01067 Dresden
Fon: 0351.8951077
Opening hours

Chillhouse Leipzig City
Brühl 10-12
04109 Leipzig
Fon: 0341.2689920
Opening hours

Chillhouse Leipzig-Connewitz
Bornaische Str. 3b
04277 Leipzig
Fon: 0341.30823976
Opening hours

Chillhouse Leipzig Lindenau
Lindenauer Markt 3
04177 Leipzig
Fon: 0341.492699150
Opening hours

Chillhouse Erfurt
Juri-Gagarin-Ring 96
99084 Erfurt
Fon: 0361.6547647
Opening hours


Chillhouse Gera
Heinrichstr. 78
07545 Gera
Fon: 0365.5520996
Opening hours

Chillhouse Jena
Löbdergraben 9
07743 Jena
Fon: 03641.309430
Opening hours

Chillhouse Röhrsdorf
Querstraße 12
09247 Röhrsdorf
Fon: 03722.504913
Opening hours

Chillhouse Zwickau
Peter-Breuer-Str. 29
08056 Zwickau
Fon: 0375.2048564
Opening hours

Culton Ticket
Peterssteinweg 9
04107 Leipzig
Fon: 0341.141618
Opening hours

Fon: 01805.570070
Ticket Online

Tix for Gigs
Ticket Online

The TH!NK? Regular 5+1 ticket bundle is only available online at Tix for Gigs.

Important: Please make sure to buy your ticket only at the official ticket offices that we have listed here. Never buy tickets from unknown persons or on eBay!


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