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THINK Festival - Tanzdemo

Dance demonstration
receive free space

Demo successfully danced: Check

Petition handed over to the Leipzig Mayor: Check

Appointment with Leipzig politicians and representatives of the administration made to implement the demo demands: Check

Dear Ones! Many thanks to all of you who supported us during the demo on Saturday so energetically! It was a lot of fun to walk through Leipzig's streets with you and to conjure a smile on one or the other passing passers by accident, sometimes even a rhythmic twitching.

Today, the signatures of the petition will be handed over to the mayor of Leipzig and we hope that the decision on the So & So in the city council is positive. It was a great feeling to see what can be achieved when all the clubs in Leipzig work together. After all, is it all about a common big thing?

We hope that the IG Livekommbinat now again really takes up speed, because there is still a lot of work ahead of us all. For this, a delegation of the Distillery will make today on the way to Hamburg for the annual meeting of the Federal Association LiveKomm, which takes place every year as part of the Reeperbahn Festival. There is lively exchange and discussions - among other things on the topic of how the clubs, events and institutions can be kept from dredging and repression. (See also here:

On Friday, Leipzig politicians and representatives of the administration will be guests on a small city tour in / through five clubs in Leipzig. There they should get into conversation with them and take a first step to implement the requirements of the demo step by step.

Let us make the world a little bit more beautiful every day - preserve space, protect club culture!

Thank you!

THINK Festival - Bärenherz

Open day in the
Kinderhospiz Bärenherz

Today was the open day at our friends (and at the same time immediate neighbours) of the children's hospice Bärenherz Leipzig e.V.. With this very special day the association wants to reach people once a year to draw attention to the work in and the children's hospice. Together with the TNC Group, the Distillery and of course many other volunteer supporters, we also worked as the TH!NK?-Crew and helped a bit.

Thanks to all who were there! See you next year, we'll definitely be back!

Hompage Kinderhospiz
Photo Gallery

THINK Festival - Soundrecap

Recordings online

You want to dance again? No problem. Some of the acts from our number 11 have recorded their sets. Among them are Hans Nieswandt, Esette and Jana Falcon. You can listen to them directly on Soundclound. Just play...

Hans Nieswandt @ O*RS Stage

Esette @ O*RS Stage

Jana Falcon @ O*RS Stage

Pandaro @ O*RS Stage

Lars Christian Müller @ O*RS Stage

Wanna more?
THINK Soundcloud

THINK Festival - Recap 2018

No. 11 is over, No. 12 can come...
Thanks for being there!

On 3 stages and 2 afterhour floors, 31 acts have a total of nearly 24 hours of music, making you and us happy. And now ... the nicest (maybe, second best) time of the year is over. And too fast. Unfortunately! But with our small but fine aftermovie we can always remember it.

What a day. What a weather. What a mood. Commitment, team spirit, zest for action and personality characterize the TH!NK? Family. And you? You are one of the most wonderful guests one could wish for. With you the 29.07.2018 was exciting and just incredibly beautiful! We want to thank you, wholeheartedly! Thank you for being there, celebrating with us, and ultimately making sure we all had an unforgettable Sunday.

But as always, not everything is going smoothly, and certainly not going according to plan , There is always something to improve and there is usually something stuck somewhere. That's why your opinion is very important to us. Where do you see a need for optimization, what should be improved, were there any weaknesses that we should tackle next year? Questions about questions. And we look forward to your answers. Please take a little time and give us a feedback - constructive and honest:

And now? Now it's time to wait until number 12 on 28/07/2019. We hope to see you here again! Save the date... TH!NK? 2019 we come!

And so that time passes faster, you can watch the aftermovie and the photo gallery as often as you masgt and beam back to this very special day.

to the aftermovie
to the photo gallery

THINK Festival - Online

Back on the Internet,
we are online

The TH!NK? Website for our Number 12 stands. Have fun browsing, clicking and scrolling. Yes, there is certainly something missing. But do not worry, that will be updated the next few days.

And if you discover little or even big flaws while clicking around, we would be infinitely grateful if you inform us about it.

Please send all information and constructive criticism to us at

Thanks and click.

THINK Festival - machtlos e.V.

Your voice is

This year, with the support of the wonderful people of Macht Los e.V., we have the Awareness Project at TH!NK? 2018 on its feet. Now the youth work of the Macht Los e.V. threatens the end.

Despite unanimous decisions in the youth welfare committee to strengthen offers and projects of children, youth and family offers, the city administration has planned too little money in the coming dual budget.

We find the work of the association (street/outreach work, individual support and advice, offers for cliques and groups, community-oriented work) not only worthy of support, but they are absolutely necessary! Therefore, we ask you to sign the following petition and to share it! Thank you.

Petition for the preservation of the mobile youth work of the Macht Los e.V. and an adequate promotion of youth welfare