More than 30 acts, 3 stages, 13 hours of music and subsequent Afterhour: once again, well-known and less well-known artists will meet, again new sounds can be discovered and enjoyed more successfully... Please welcome the Acts for 2019.


Of course you are cordially invited to our traditional afterhour to let us finish the evening even more. The entrance with festival ribbons is free, but only as long as it gives the capacity.

Ab 22 Uhr in der Distillery,
Kurt-Eisner-Str. 92, 04275 Leipzig.


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THINK Festival - Sven Väth

Sven Väth

He is considered the godfather of techno and one of the few artists in the world to survive the hype and fad of the fast-paced scene. Sven Väth is a legend and a phenomenon. His sound is unmistakable, but moving, undergoing development. Sven has fraternized with the idea of club music, not with a specific embodiment of it. So he succeeds in transporting the feeling of techno, the intoxication that the music is able to conjure up like no other. And he also manages to reinvent himself from time to time.

THINK Festival - Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke is a rebel. He could never really handle authorities, he was regularly thrown out of school because he fought against undermining the human spirit, just to cultivate lawyers or officers fit for law. He remains unconventional and rebellious until today, fighting for the cause for which he lives: music, more precisely techno, electro and ghetto Tek, which merge under his hands into what one can confidently call The Real Shit. Because this sound is true, unadulterated, pure and powerful.

THINK Festival - Pan-Pot


The similarities between two people brings them together, but it is the differences that create something special. Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix alias Pan-Pot have created something special: a unique and uncompromising sound, which packs a solid and simply does not let go. Pan-Pot stands for energetic music and intense dancefloor moments, time does not matter.

THINK Festival - Meute


The bass vibrates, the confetti flickers and the red-blue uniforms glitter in the strobo. The techno marching band MEUTE has been causing a stir in the European festival and club scene since 2016 through the explosive combination of hypnotic techno and expressive brass music. The eleven hamburgers in the iconic red jackets break the rules and blow up borders. Only with acoustic instruments they make a revolution in techno and redefine at the same time the idea of the Spielmannszugs. With viral hits and sold-out clubs, the band has quickly catapulted into the front row of the most-booked festival bands in Europe, providing electronic ecstasy across the continent.

THINK Festival - Rodhad


Urbanization shifts the center of human life to the cities, a technologically thought-out and structured present and the postindustrial daily routine determine its everyday life rhythm. We have not only started these developments and use them permanently, we are also a part of them ourselves. Rødhåd expresses exactly these connections in his music: with dark, atmospheric and deep sounds between techno and deephouse, one discovers profundity and melancholy, and at the same time it is driven.


THINK Festival - Adriatique


Adriatique - that's Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, united for more than a decade in shared creativity. Their two, sometimes different tastes are by no means an obstacle. But on the contrary. They flow together to form a large whole, merging elements that initially seem to be contrary, thus creating a bandwidth that does not let you go so fast. Their sound is long, meditative and unyielding, always peppered with subtle twists. Adriatique: a well oiled electronic music machine whose purpose is to bridge differences. Your mission has just begun.

THINK Festival - Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg

Many have tried, but he can actually claim to have ornithology and techno under one roof: Dominik Eulberg, the ravende ornithologist from the Westerwald, internationally booked DJ in the spotlight and silent observer of native flora and fauna alike, a Master of reconciled contradictions. The walk in the forest, that's Dominik's Blueprint for exciting music, because here you never know what awaits you behind the next bend. As a rustling in the undergrowth can mutate into a hookline, every sound counts and gives the tracks the liveliness that the dance floor needs. Minimal, maximum, shit: the audience loves extraordinary character as well as a fat bass drum, and who brings both together has not unjustly the high prestige Dominik enjoys in the otherwise rather narrow-minded club canon worldwide.

THINK Festival - Kobosil


When you talk about Kobosil today, you have to talk about one goal: to become an artist, to be an artist. Since his first releases on Ostgut Ton, his own label RK and Unterton, he's been setting for subtle-hypnotic synth sounds, noise, ambient and especially the darker, more powerful style of Techno. In addition, Kobosil proves to be a versatile DJ who cleverly combines new records with genre classics, acid, alternative and industrial tracks and can give his sets both pressure and dramaturgy.

THINK Festival - Fjaak


FJAAK, the trio of sympathetic hardware nerds. Felix Wagner, Aaron Röbig and Kevin Kozicki, who grew up together in Spandau on the outskirts of Berlin, first made a name for themselves in the electronic music scene by organizing illegal raves, before finally leaving all others behind as a live act in the fast lane have let themselves. Since then they have spread their elaborate analog sound around the globe. And where FJAAK goes, FJAAK is in it too: raw, naturally made techno!

THINK Festival - Boris Dlugosch

Boris Dlugosch

Time is not an obstacle for Boris Dlugosch, rather a challenge. And he has undoubtedly managed to skip this hurdle easily. Published over the last few decades on illustrious labels such as Classic Music, Defected, Suara, Toolroom or Poker Flat, Dlugosch's chunky basslines, crisp percussion and ear-drummer tunes have definitely found their way into the last corners of the world. Understanding of the past, living in the present and foresight in the future - Boris Dlugosch is simply fun!

THINK Festival - Robag Wruhme

Robag Wruhme

Robag Wruhme, also known as Wighnomy Brother, Rolf Oksen or Themroc, puts his money on purring Minimal-House, beautiful melody lines, a lot of hi-hats and many surprises. House is everything that is fun. All the better so, if you add one or the other ingredient more into the mixture and while stirring around for a variety of styles, tunes and a few samples looks around, so that does not pass the laughter and dancing for consumption goers. Robag Wruhme is still on top of it - mischievous, refined and with a good punch.

THINK Festival - Mathias Kaden & Daniel Stefanik

Mathias Kaden &
Daniel Stefanik

Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill, Tim and Struppie or Ernie and Bert: they can all pack up when Daniel and Mathias unpack the record pockets as "StefaniKaden". Two who belong together, where we most like to see and hear them together: behind the turntables. Back 2 Back easily becomes the supreme discipline of the two and is now one of the traditional highlights on the TH!NK?. The term Dreamteam increases through the two again its meaning. Euphoria is inevitable.

THINK Festival - Julian Stetter

Julian Stetter

DJ, producer and PNN label partner: Julian Stetter's career is still young, but with his music he has already made his mark in the track lists of many great DJs. His sound carries a clear handwriting, unmistakable and significant. With it you glide through playful and dreamy surfaces and let yourself be driven by cheerful house and minimalist techno through the rough atmosphere of the dance floor. Julian Stetter creates a very special shimmering mood with his style of reduced moments.

THINK Festival - Panthera Krause

Panthera Krause

Panthera Krause - music producer, DJ and illustrator. On many stages around the world at home, involved in several projects and constantly on the move. Somewhere between countless hours on the saxophone and in record stores, his career began in 2007 with his band Marbert Rocel. 2012 then the first solo productions, then the project Karocel (consisting of Marbert Rocel and Mathias Kaden) and finally the label Riotvan, which he directs together with Peter Invasion. Yes, you could easily describe Panthera Krause as busy. One thing is for sure: it will not be boring with him. Certainly not when he's on stage. Driving and organic sound - pumping and melancholic at the same time, surrounded by house, MPC beats, cut-throat songs and always a fresh breeze of dirt. This is going to be exciting.

THINK Festival - Lydia Eisenblätter

Lydia Eisenblätter

Their sound is characterized by a harmonious interplay between Funky, Techno and House. From rough, dry and impulsive elements with no frills over sharp hi-hats, groovy bass, claps and synthesizers. Like a fire without a fire, Lydia, with a contagious radiance on her face, brings the night owls to the shudder.

THINK Festival - Filburt


Unpredictable, instantly hip-loosening, expertly recited music - his sets between turntablism and beatmatch expertise, bearing in mind his stylistic horizon, which flows together in the great floor formula, are no longer a regional phenomenon. Whether together with Good Guy Mikesh or as a solo producer and DJ, Filburt's impact has also expanded into the international in recent years. As a former operator of the renowned Leipzig vinyl dealer Freezone Records and owner of the collector's label O*RS, he was or is active in all possible switching points of the scene.

THINK Festival - Vincent Neumann

Vincent Neumann

“They say that I can’t sing and I can’t dance but I can make romance!” Through cellar techno with sunbeams he wants to make people dance. This succeeds because Vincent Neumann has not only made a few presentable biographical experiences, he has also got the hang of it. Academic techno to feel!

THINK Festival - Shuray & Walle

Shuray & Walle

Shuray & Walle – a friendship, a passion: House Music! Atmosphere and community play a big role in both. Then they value. With visions for new things and awareness of the tried and true, they invite their audience on an euphoric journey from which, once they have started, they will not return so quickly. Who Shuray & Walle already knows, knows exactly what to expect: disco, groove, vinyl and a sound in which neither monotony nor boredom comes up.

THINK Festival - Bonbons


For the Bonbons, the sweet love is in the foreground. Love for music, love for each other, love on the floor, love for excess. That's not by chance: the two are co-founders of the Leipzig Fäncy Crew. About two years ago, the two decoration specialists caramelized to a DJ duo and vowed to smear honey around the ears of their audience for ever and ever. Musically their repertoire is universal and limitless. Pumping beats, vocals, bass, surface ... the main thing is it. Apart from the illustrious home games on their own series of events, tattooing in many clubs and one or the other summer-dreamlike rendezvous, the Bonbons are now also spreading on the TH!NK? her good news.

THINK Festival - Mike van Goetze

Mike van Goetze

We think, who has to think about how to move to Mike's Sound has already lost. With him, it goes forward, and quite far - without you really noticing it, completely without legumes and cold water, just Mike van Goetze.

THINK Festival - Gunjah


Seriously in the fun. Restrained in the forward. Excessive. His skills are as ever: dedicated to music. Gunjah gives each of his impulses innovative ideas, dull nonsense he lets pass. Stability in the sound, ease in the mediation and overall joy through constructive engagement. Gunjah!

THINK Festival - Georg Bigalke

Georg Bigalke

At best, a set is like a spontaneous visit to your favorite movie theater: without knowing the movie, you can count on an exceptional and rich selection. Carefully the scene is drawn and soon you are entangled in a rousing plot. Even dramatic twists you hold out, because they are crowned by highlights that will be remembered for a long time. The pictures of the music are created by themselves.

THINK Festival - Thomas Stieler

Thomas Stieler

Tradition and thirst for adventure is his future. Of course, Thomas Stieler is above all a passionate DJ. He shows this with an outspoken, development-oriented definition of electroacoustic sound design. His special gift is to transfer his vision of techno joie de vivre and housefidelem hip swing with gallant tastes to the audience. He does not thirst for fugitive glory and prime-time boasting. No, it is about sustainability of powerful celebration in the orbit of house and techno. Thomas is an authentic thinker in the electronically influenced world of experience, infected by a pioneering spirit and the search for the perfect groove.

THINK Festival - Dilivius Lenni

Dilivius Lenni

Genre-specialized and yet diverse. Whether pastel pink, complementary yellow-violet or brightly screaming hi-hats in gloomy-threatening climes - Dilivius Lenni knows how to mix timbres, to combine genres and to assemble individual pieces of mosaic into a total work of art.

THINK Festival - Peter Invasion

Peter Invasion

DJ and promoter, booking agent and label owner, curator and catalyst, Riotvan founder. One or the other may also know him as the drummer of the band Here Is Why or have listened to him at one of his countless gigs in the clubs of this country. A jack of all trades. Standstill? Does not exist with Peter Invasion. OK then!

THINK Festival - Chris Manura

Chris Manura

A DJ must surprise, finds Chris Manura. He has been able to do this for almost 20 years by harmonizing his feelings for people and music. Party has to work for every single person in the head. For Chris, that means evoking emotions in his listeners. Both as a DJ and as a producer, he consistently pursues this concept. Whether techno, house or minimal - either it rocks or not. The inclined listener may be curious. For surprises Chris Manura is well known.

THINK Festival - Lars Christian Müller

Lars Christian Müller

Many people have already tried as a DJ and have disappeared from the scene faster than you could remember their names. One whose name is best remembered, memorizing and never forgetting is Lars-Christian Müller. And there is a good reason for that: Whether it's Groovy Techno, Progressive House or New Electronica - Lars-Christian knows how to put a fire under the hood of a crowd. It is worth listening to when Lars-Christian populates the record players with the treasures from his record pocket. He elicits stories from them, tells of a fleeting, but long-lasting encounter, sometimes of the sweetness of the commonplace, then again of the sense of the extraordinary.

THINK Festival - Daniel Sailer

Daniel Sailer

Daniel does not talk much about his person. He prefers to let the music speak for itself. His sets are an exciting journey through all moods. In this way, it also becomes a very emotional matter. However, one with proper buzz on which one can dance his legs muscular.